Winter Storm To Impact Area Friday/Saturday

As you have probably heard by now there is a winter storm heading to the east coast this weekend. The impacts in North Carolina will be determined by your location. For us in the east, the forecast is a little tricky.

Low pressure currently over LA/MS is already causing severe weather as it tracks over the Gulf States. This low will move towards the northeast over the Tennessee Valley with precipitation quickly spreading across the area. Temperatures will be cold enough to support wintry precipitation though warm warm air aloft will limit the precipitation type to sleet to freezing rain through the morning hours.

A secondary surface low will develop along the SC/GA coast the travel northeastward taking it right over Outer Banks Friday night.

Surface temperatures will increase during the day as warm air moves into the area. This will change any frozen precipitation to all rain. This change will occur from the coast to the northwestern sections of ENC. As the low pressure approaches the coast, heavy rain will overspread the area where we could see rainfall totals between 1-2″ with 3+ inches possible. This will continue through Friday night.

Forecast thoughts for Friday's forecast. Not an official NWS forecast.
Forecast thoughts for Friday’s forecast. Not an official NWS forecast.

Saturday will bring a brief dry period (dry slot) which will end the rain from southwest to northeast. The atmosphere will begin to moisten in the afternoon from the wrap around moisture on the back side of the low which could allow for some light snow showers across the region with the best opportunity to see snow in the northern sections. After the heavy rainfall from Friday night, it will be difficult for snow to stick to the ground so expect little to no accumulations from these snow showers Saturday night.

Note: This forecast may differ from other sources (ex: NWS, local media) and represents my own opinion.