More Forecast Updates to Come

Recently I have been distracted by daily task which has limited the amount of time I have to work on this site. I have set up enough time everyday to update the 7 day forecast as well as some of the other forecast data but unfortunately I haven’t been able to spare enough time for more detail forecast. Since there hasn’t been any major weather event impacting the area I have felt comfortable with the updates I have provided. Hopefully I will be doing more forecast updates over the next several days and will always set aside enough time to update during major weather events in the area.

I have also left the automatic twitter update for severe weather and forecast discussions going 24/7 to provide important updates from the NWS as I receive them on my computer (I cannot guarantee that 100% of the messages will get posted so I don’t recommend using this method for updates regarding actions to protect your life and property as your primary source for this information).

Like I said, I will get back to doing more updates in the coming days.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you have found this site useful.