About ENCWeather

What is ENCWX.com?

ENCWX.com/ENCWeather.com is a website I started a long time ago as a way for me to have mobile access to commonly used weather tools whenever I’m away from my computer. For a long time the information was not published publicly as I did not intend this site to become what it is today. I came to the decision to make this site public after family, friends, and co-workers close to me were always asking me about the weather forecast for the week or what my opinion was on the forecast of major weather events. Over time I decided that I would make a site designed specifically for weather in eastern North Carolina.

I also provide personalized forecast for several companies in different fields across the country.

What is offered on this site?

While this site does contain quite a bit of “original content” some of the content used on this site comes from outside sources through public domain or courtesy. Any content on this site that does not come directly from me I do not claim credit for. Some of the information on this site can be found elsewhere but the intention of this site is to collect as much information and display it in an easy to access format. I never pull information from websites that charge for their content.

Does this site generate any money?

Absolutely not. As long as I’m capable of delivering content I will do so without charging for it. You might have noticed that I do not use advertisements on this website and have no intention to do so in the future. I believe there should be a website created to deliver content without having to maneuver through advertisements that no one wants to see while searching for weather forecasts.

What original information is generated by this site?

Features that are offered by this site:

-Local ENC Radar

-Local Webcam

-Live Conditions from Greenville, NC

-Forecast Discussions from Myself

Are you a meteorologist?

I am not a professional meteorologist. I received my education from East Carolina University and Penn State University and have over 10 years of forecasting experience for eastern North Carolina. I have been ranked #1 twice on WxChallenge but ended up with an overall finish in the top 200 in the country and #1 in my class. I am in no way affiliated with NOAA, NWS, or other public office and my forecast will always be unofficial and classified as my opinion. I always urge you to consult the NWS or other officials with regard to official forecasts. While I do make every attempt to post a forecast daily, there are times when I will be unable to do so. In the event of a severe weather event (severe thunderstorms, winter storms, tropical storms, etc) I will likely post more than one post per day with my forecast analysis.

Why is your forecast is different from the NWS?

I do my own forecast based off information I gather from different weather platforms and apply my forecast prognostication using my experience in the field. In the event that my forecast differs from the NWS, always consider the forecast from them as the best information provided and follow their instructions in the event of severe weather in your area.

Where is the forecast models that were previously on this site?

There was a section of the site that had forecast models displayed all in one place. Since the time that it first was created, there have been several improvements to view forecast models on other sites making the current method obsolete. Since they are more widely scattered elsewhere on the internet, there is no longer a need to maintain this section. I have permanently removed this section from the site.


My hope is that you find this site useful and informative.