N.E. Cape Fear River Near Burgaw - BGWN7

34.598333,  -77.875278

Water Level: 9.72 FT
Status: Action
09-15-2019 16:30:00

Flood Stage: 10.00 FT
Moderate Flood Stage: 12.00 FT
Major Flood Stage: 16.00 FT

8.07 FT - 01/17/2018
10.29 FT - 05/01/2017
7.65 FT - 01/08/2017
17.81 FT - 10/13/2016
10.63 FT - 09/07/2016

22.48 FT - 09/19/1999
17.81 FT - 10/13/2016
16.64 FT - 09/05/2006
15.37 FT - 11/26/2006
15.31 FT - 10/04/2010


At 22.40 FT 12 miles of Highway 53 are underwater,in some cases 7 feet deep, between the Northeast Cape Fear bridge and Maple Hill. All homes including 60 in River Bend, 20 to 25 in River Birch and 12 in the Alligator Lake subdivision are flooded. 20 to 30 homes in Holly Shelter estates are underwater. In the Sandy Bend subdivision, off Shaw Highway, 40 to 50 homes, which is half of the homes in the subdivision sustain flooding. Portions of Croomsbridge, Island Creek and White Stocking Roads are underwater.

At 16.50 FT White Stocking Road is closed and floodwaters begin to get into the homes in this area. Highway 53 is closed adjacent to the river. Stag Park Road has water 2 feet deep on it and becomes impassable.

At 16.00 FT Water begins to get into homes, including those that are elevated, in the River Birch and River Bend subdivisions. Floodwaters also get into homes on Croomsbridge Road.

At 15.25 FT The approaches to the bridge at Lanes Ferry on Highway 210 may be flooded. Much of White Stocking Road is closed. At the wildlife ramp on Shaw Highway, ramp is underwater and parking lot is half full of water.

At 14.00 FT Floodwaters cause portions of Shaw Highway to be closed between Carl Meeks Road and Lillington Lane. White Stocking Road is also closed from Chorley Road to Mack Williams Lane. Flooding worsens on Highways 210 and 53 but roads remain open.

At 13.50 FT Floodwaters begin to affect Highway 53, Highway 210, White Stocking Road, Shaw Highway and Holly Shelter Road. Roads are passable but have water on them.

At 12.50 FT Floodwaters cause roads to become impassable in the River Bend, River Birch and Alligator Lake subdivisions off Highway 53. These areas become isolated due to the floodwaters and some evacuations may be needed. In the Holly Shelter Estates subdivision, half of the area has water on the roads due to floodwaters. Approximately 12 homes on Old Maple Hill Road off Shaw Highway become isolated.